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CSDS 7166 A — Fluency and Fluency Disorders

CRN 87311

2.0 credit hours

This section of the course will focus on the review of theories, types, characteristics, etiologies, and treatment of fluency disorders across the lifespan. The course will place emphasis on the evidence-based assessment and treatment of childhood onset of stuttering and other fluency disorders across the lifespan. Field experience may be required.

Course Details

College Health Professions Instructor Johnson, Kia
Location Armstrong Course Seats Available 3 open (22 / 25)
Instructional Method Entirely at a distance This course is delivered 100% through distance education technology. No visits to campus/designated instructional site are required. Waitlist Available No Waitlist Available
Schedule Type Online Synchronous Instruction Online-Synchronous Course: Instruction delivered completely online at the assigned meeting days/times listed on the course schedule. Material Cost N/A
Semester Fall 2022 University Store Armstrong
Term Minimester II Course Fees N/A

Meeting Times

Dates Days Time Building Room
October 05 - December 08, 2022 - - - -