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AAST 3030 B — Sel Top Model African Union

CRN 87399

3.0 credit hours

Designed to promote interdisciplinary engagement and, or, in individualized specialization so that the student can deepen his or her knowledge of Africa and the African Diaspora.

Course Details

College Arts and Humanities Instructor Skidmore-Hess, Cathy
Location Armstrong Course Seats Available 9 open (3 / 12)
Instructional Method Technology enhanced Technology is used in delivering instruction to all students in the section, but no class sessions are replaced by technology. Waitlist Available No Waitlist Available
Schedule Type Site Synchronous Instruction Site-Synchronous Course: Instruction delivered at dual locations using audio/visual technology. Site-synchronous classes occur at the same time and require students and instructors to be in two or more classrooms simultaneously. Material Cost N/A
Semester Fall 2022 University Store Armstrong
Term Minimester II Course Fees N/A

Additional Information

HYBRID COURSE - Class meets face to face on Wednesdays only.

Meeting Times

Dates Days Time Building Room
October 05 - December 08, 2022 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 10:10 AM - 11:00 AM Hawes Hall 203